We The Wild ‘GIFT PACK’


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We The Wild ‘Protect, Suport & Grow’ Gift Pack.

Helps plants love you back.

Your organic essentials for healthy, happy plants.

Beautifully gift boxed for either a gift or for yourself, to use in conjunction with each other, to help create the perfect, healthy environment for your plants.

Concentrated, small sizes are perfect for storage.

Also available to be purchased separately.

10 in stock


Faster growth.

Stronger roots.

Stress resistance.

Plant food made from worms, not machines.

Safe for your plants at all times          Made in Australia          Certified and organic

Proudly made in South Australia and 100% Organic

Our unique formulas use worms to replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor.  It creates the perfect breeding ground for growth and protection – keeping plants happy and healthy for longer.


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