Displayed in a 7cm pot.

Oxalis palmifrons would have to be one of the most unique plants available today.  It is a low-growing perennial with stunning foliage, quite unlike other Oxalis varieties. Not hard to see how it has received it’s name. It is a Winter growing bulb and can produce light pink flowers held just above the foliage. It goes dormant when the heat of summer arrives. You can then divide bulbs and re-pot. Store in it’s pot, in a cool, dry place and bring out into the sun in Autumn. When the plant begins to emerge from the medium, watering can begin. Keep in full Winter sun, to keep it growing compact, or it will lose the shape it is grown for. Bulbs multiply every growing year. Truly a stunningly different plant to have. Will be posted in it’s pot. If any leaves are damaged, cut them off and it will keep on growing.
Water requirements: Medium. Allow to dry out between waterings.
Maintenance: Low. Fertilise at 25% in growing season with soluble fertilizer.



7cm Pot

7cm Pot

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Every living plant is unique and may vary in size, shape or colour, depending on the season in which it is purchased. They may also have the odd blemish from simply living! We try to represent our plants that we sell, as accurately as possible, hence the pot/plant size and photographs listed above. All plants are sent bare rooted, unless requested otherwise (extra postage charges may apply if sent in pots).

We are not permitted to send our plants to WA, TAS OR NT.

Most of our photos are a good representation of the plants you will receive.  We try hard to keep our photos updated.  Some will vary in size, colour and even shape, depending on the season in which it was purchased and differing growing conditions.  If there are big differences, we will contact you before we send your parcel.  Please also remember that when you receive your succulents or cacti, they have been specifically dried out, so they do not arrive to you mouldy.  Due to this, they may appear a little dehydrated/wrinkled.  This is normal.  Please repot your plant in the appropriate free draining succulent mix, wait a week and then rehydrate.  This will give the plants roots a chance to settle.  Sometimes, you will receive the exact plant in the photo.  This especially relates to our more mature and rarer plants, that we don’t stock a lot of.  If this is the case, it will state this on the page.  Please always make contact if there are any problems with your order, or if you have any questions.  We are always here to help.  Thank you.



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