How it all began

My obsession with succulents began after my youngest Daughter brought home a little succulent garden she had made at school. From that very moment, I was well and truly hooked! My small collection kept growing at a rate of knots and before I knew it, I had hundreds of different varieties. The colours and textures, kept me fascinated and I read everything I could get my hands on. After seeing all the beautiful plant varieties, my love of plants then expanded to indoor varieties, especially hoyas and rhipsalis. Before long, my house became a jungle. It really is true, that houseplants make you happy. After a serious car accident, just looking at them and being amongst them made me happy. As I progressed from the accident, so too did my plant ‘community’, with a lot of learning along the way.

I am now into my fifth year of collecting and I had to make a decision. Either buy a bigger house or jump in feet first and start my own Business. SheGrows was born and I am looking forward to sharing these amazing gifts with others.